Freelancer Interview: Tom Jepson, UX Designer

This weeks interview is with UX Designer Tom Jepson from Nottingham. We met in the queue for the buffet at a recent Creative Quarter event and had a great chat about the freelance life. Tom’s podcast is worth a listen too! Instagram: tomjepsoncreative Twitter: thepixelgrid Podcast: The Sideman Designer Who are you and … Continue reading “Freelancer Interview: Tom Jepson, UX Designer”

Daily routine and how it can help your freelance career

Read on to find out the benefits of having a daily routine, rather than winging it. I’m not a morning person. Every day I have to coax, persuade or downright trick myself out of bed to start the day. Whether it’s good coffee, bacon or an hour of gaming before I start work I sometimes … Continue reading “Daily routine and how it can help your freelance career”