Sales Tips For Freelancers

As freelancers we have to sell ourselves and our services to potential clients. Possibly due to shady tactics and high pressure sales from other people and companies (looking at you, car dealers), it’s easy to feel bad about ‘selling’. There’s no need however as it’s possible to sell yourself without any need to mislead or … Continue reading “Sales Tips For Freelancers”

Develop your freelance strategy with the Business Model Canvas

I recently went on a course run by┬áThe Big House in Nottingham called the Startup Success Series. They used a tool called the Business Model Canvas to help us freelancers and businesses work out and refine our strategy. What is the Business Model Canvas? In simple terms, the Business Model Canvas is a structure to … Continue reading “Develop your freelance strategy with the Business Model Canvas”

Finding Freelance Work – Marketplaces, your network and referrals

When you’re first starting off, you will need to find the best ways of finding freelance work for your industry. There are various ways of finding new projects to work on and this will be a quick rundown of the different ways to do so. Freelance Marketplaces There are websites like, upwork and various … Continue reading “Finding Freelance Work – Marketplaces, your network and referrals”

Increasing freelance work via referrals

It can be difficult to market your freelance services for a number of reasons. Making headway against established companies and freelancers can take time, and actually trying to market yourself can result in hitting emotional barriers. Referrals Referrals have been the number one way of gaining high quality business. Since I went freelance, offering a … Continue reading “Increasing freelance work via referrals”