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Here’s a list of all our current blog articles, organised in a similar way to the upcoming book.

Getting Started

How to become a freelancer

Freelancing With Confidence

How Can I Freelance Successfully?

The ethics of ‘faking it until you make it’

Marketing and landing new clients

Increasing freelance work via referrals

Managing Freelance Enquiries

Finding Freelance Work – Marketplaces, your network and referrals

How To Set Up A Freelancer Website

Sales Tips For Freelancers

Reader’s letters: How do I find clients and get paid?

Choosing Projects To Take On

Choosing freelance projects and clients

Warning Signs Of Difficult Freelance Clients

Develop your freelance strategy with the Business Model Canvas

Looking After Yourself

Freelancer work/life balance

Coping with quiet periods in freelance life

This week in freelancing: Saying no, isolation and support

Working Well when Freelancing can be easy to forget.

Getting (and staying) Organised

Managing Email As A Freelancer

Freelancers: Always Use A Contract & Terms

Contracts for freelancers, associates or subcontractors

“Deep Work” and how it will help your freelance business

Free Download: Daily Planner for Freelancers

Free download: Weekly/monthly review for freelancers

Daily routine and how it can help your freelance career

Working With Others

Setting and maintaining boundaries as a freelancer

Delegating skills

Working Remotely (aka Digital Nomadding)

Digital nomad tips: Lisbon

Tech security tips for freelancers and digital nomads

Long Term Plans

The Friday Habit: Setting aside time to work ‘on’ your freelance business

Keeping our skills current

Developing freelance into a business/agency

Selling up