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Getting Started

How to become a freelancer

Freelancing With Confidence

How Can I Freelance Successfully?

The ethics of ‘faking it until you make it’

Choosing Projects To Take On

Clean Creatives: Saying no to fossil fuel companies

Choosing freelance projects and clients

Warning Signs Of Difficult Freelance Clients

Develop your freelance strategy with the Business Model Canvas

Declining a freelance project for ethical reasons

Marketing and landing new clients

Increasing freelance work via referrals

Managing Freelance Enquiries

Finding Freelance Work – Marketplaces, your network and referrals

How To Set Up A Freelancer Website

Sales Tips For Freelancers

Reader’s letters: How do I find clients and get paid?

Book review: The one page marketing plan

Looking After Yourself

Freelancer work/life balance

Coping with quiet periods in freelance life

This week in freelancing: Saying no, isolation and support

Working Well when Freelancing can be easy to forget.

Getting (and staying) Organised

Managing Email As A Freelancer

Boilerplate emails for freelancers – save time and energy

Freelancers: Always Use A Contract & Terms

Contracts for freelancers, associates or subcontractors

“Deep Work” and how it will help your freelance business

Free Download: Daily Planner for Freelancers

Free download: Weekly/monthly review for freelancers

Daily routine and how it can help your freelance career

Working With Others

Setting and maintaining boundaries as a freelancer

Delegating skills

Working Remotely (aka Digital Nomadding)

Digital nomad tips: Lisbon

Digital nomad tips: Gran Canaria

Digital nomad tips: Thailand

Digital nomad tips: Bali

Tech security tips for freelancers and digital nomads

Long Term Plans

The Friday Habit: Setting aside time to work ‘on’ your freelance business

Keeping our skills current and avoiding ‘deskilling’

Developing freelance into a business/agency

Selling up – do you have a business to sell?