Warning Signs Of Difficult Freelance Clients

You may encounter freelance clients who have unrealistic expectations or try and take advantage of you. This might not be malicious, it’s just how some people do business. Red flags to be aware of include: Low budgets or haggling before a spec is even defined. Overly tight timescales. This is a sign that the client … Continue reading “Warning Signs Of Difficult Freelance Clients”

Managing Freelance Enquiries

If all goes well you will be generating enquiries asking for your freelance services. To make the best of your time you need to process these quickly and separate enquiries from genuine potential clients from ‘shotgun’ enquiries that are unlikely to lead to paid projects. Picking up on the blog posts on choosing your target … Continue reading “Managing Freelance Enquiries”

Choosing freelance projects and clients

Choosing the projects you take on and the types of clients you work for are both important in building your freelancer business. Choosing Freelance Projects It’s tempting to just take on every project that comes your way, especially when starting out. This can lead to problems though if you take on low paid, difficult projects … Continue reading “Choosing freelance projects and clients”

Increasing freelance work via referrals

It can be difficult to market your freelance services for a number of reasons. Making headway against established companies and freelancers can take time, and actually trying to market yourself can result in hitting emotional barriers. Referrals Referrals have been the number one way of gaining high quality business. Since I went freelance, offering a … Continue reading “Increasing freelance work via referrals”