The ethics of ‘faking it until you make it’

Many sources encourage us to ‘fake it until we make it’ in a new career path. If they’re selling coaching/ebooks or ‘growth hacking’ their social media this kind of advice is especially common. There are some ethical issues around this attitude though – both for the freelancer and their clients. For the freelancer… Committing to … Continue reading “The ethics of ‘faking it until you make it’”

Warning Signs Of Difficult Freelance Clients

You may encounter freelance clients who have unrealistic expectations or try and take advantage of you. This might not be malicious, it’s just how some people do business. Red flags to be aware of include: Low budgets or haggling before a spec is even defined. Overly tight timescales. This is a sign that the client … Continue reading “Warning Signs Of Difficult Freelance Clients”