Freelancer Interview: Rachel Sarah, freelance digital media consultant


This week’s interview is with freelance digital media consultant Rachel Sarah. Rachel is a writer, photographer and videographer and can be found at

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Rachel Sarah. (Rachel Sarah is my business name so it’s easy to remember!) I work in digital media – marketing, photography and, recently, videography.  Mostly I create strategies, written (and some video) content for large businesses, whilst also doing events and personal photography.

What led you to start freelancing?

Since being in University I always wanted to be a freelance writer as I work best with my own scheduling and hours – I work best after midnight!

Since then, I’d freelanced in writing alongside my full-time jobs.

But after sustaining a really bad ankle injury and working from home at my last full-time job, I really didn’t want to go back into the office so I ended up quitting and throwing myself into full-time freelance life!

What three things do you wish you’d known before starting out?
That creating connections with people is key.
Rejection is par for the course, and that it needs to be embraced!
Don’t be scared of being broke – if you find yourself some recurring clients you’ll be set!

What three issues have you had since starting up?

1. Concentrating on my own projects (website, social media etc) as client work always takes priority – this is painfully obvious when comparing my own social channels to my clients!
2. Balancing my schedule with my partner’s 9-5 (I’m still usually working when he wants to spend time together).
3. Learning when to stop working.

What’s the best thing about freelancing?

Being able to look outside on a nice day and go “you know what? I’ve ticked a lot of things off the list so far, I’m going outside for a drive/ walk/ climb”. The freedom you get with being freelance can never be oversold.

I’m a massively outdoorsy person so I love that ability to get out and be in nature when I want to.

You can definitely get a bit lonely sometimes but if you make sure you get out and work in different spaces and spend time with people in the week then you can definitely avoid that.

I also love the fact I can work my most productive hours. In the morning I’m useless; at 11pm my brain is overflowing with ideas and motivation!

How would you like to develop your freelance career in the future?

I’d personally like to move away from business strategy into the purely creative.
I think that this is definitely feasible to do as I grow more and create a team around me to do the marketing and social side of things!

My heart lies in storytelling/ creativity, not analytics – though you need both to run your own business.

Anything else you’d like to tell anyone thinking of or currently freelancing?

  • If you can, find yourself recurring clients so you don’t have that month-to-month financial worry.
  • Creative jobs (especially online) are so important in every aspect of business you should make sure you value yourself!
  • Don’t work for free unless you WANT to (e.g. I’ve currently offered a local charity my video services for free because I have the a spare time at the moment and want to give back).