Increasing freelance productivity with ChatGPT

Everyone seems to be talking about AI – here are some specific ways we can use ChatGPT to become more efficient in our freelance work.


Freelancers can use ChatGPT to boost their productivity in several ways – either for managing our own work or carrying out client work. Here are some specific ways you can use a website like to become more efficient in your freelance work:

Content generation

Use ChatGPT to generate content drafts or outlines, which can act as a starting point for your projects, saving you time and effort in the initial stages of writing. When writing blogs like this one, for example πŸ˜›

Research assistance

When working on projects that require research, use ChatGPT to gather relevant information or summarise lengthy articles, helping you find the information you need faster. This is absolutely killer for me as I’m impatient and can’t concentrate on reading a whole book or website when they only have one main point to make. I often use ChatGPT for summarising things and getting an overview of a topic.

Brainstorming ideas

If you’re stuck on a project or need fresh ideas, ChatGPT can help by providing creative suggestions and different perspectives. Combined with the above point about summarising, this can be really powerful and save hours of staring at a blank screen.

Learning and skill development

ChatGPT can act as a tutor to help you learn new skills or concepts relevant to your freelancing work, expanding your knowledge base.


I design and build websites, and ChatGTP was trained on Stack Overflow and Github programming websites amongst other things. It’s highly capable of turning a written problem into Javascript or PHP to help me make websites – although it does need some prior knowledge to put it in context, and it outright gives wrong code sometimes!

Language translation

If you work with clients or content in different languages, ChatGPT can aid in quick translations, allowing you to communicate more effectively. I’d rather not be using Google Translate, so this is ideal.

Client communications

We can draft professional, effective client communications with the assistance of ChatGPT, improving the quality and clarity of our messages. Summarising our own output can be useful, as can finding diplomatic ways of having hard conversations that we sometimes need to have with clients.

Summary – Check your work!

Remember that while ChatGPT can be a valuable productivity tool, it’s crucial to use it carefully. Always review the content generated by the model, especially when dealing with public-facing materials, to ensure accuracy and appropriateness. It can blatantly lie about stuff or just write really bland content.

It’s definitely worth maintaining a balance between using AI for productivity and relying on your own expertise as a freelancer for accuracy, usefulness and making sure your output still has your unique voice.