YearCompass – taking stock of 2020 and planning 2021

As 2020 drew to a close, I started thinking about what I’d achieved in what turned out to be a very strange year, and what I wanted to do in 2021. I used the free booklet last year and found it very useful in guiding my thoughts. My key takeaway last year was that it was actually a great year, despite feeling like a mediocre one. After listing everything and reflecting it changed my perception for the better.

The past year

The first section of the planner covers that last year, with a space to list important events and boxes to fill in about what was most important in various areas of our lives. There is a focus on what activities, things and people are  meaningful to us.

That old phrase springs to mind “Whatever we think about most, we get more of” (or whatever it is). By reminding myself of the good points and celebrating wins, it keeps me more positive and focused. One of the sections is “things I am ready to let go of” and that’s powerful – those things don’t deserve any more energy.

YearCompass – what was important last year?

Pandemic Supplement

This year’s booklet comes with a pandemic supplement that covers loss of control, how things changed for us and how we can salvage some benefits from the whole situation. Again, I found this a good way to reflect on what seemed like a ‘paused’ year and be grateful for things like being able to keep freelancing, not getting ill and not having kids at home during these stressful times.

Focus on the coming year

Once I’d reflected on last year and how the pandemic has affected me, it’s on to defining focus for the coming year. I’ve been wanting to buy a house for example, so that is rolled into this year’s plans.  YearCompass also encourages us to dream big and write down what we really desire, even if that seems out of reach. The very act of writing these things down seems to bring them closer for me.

Setting intentions for the coming year


I find the YearCompass essential in wrapping my year up and getting ready for the next. It’s easy for me to look back on things with a negative slant or even overlook huge things I’ve done, so this is a straightforward way of remembering all the good things and feeling more grateful for the wins.

This year was unusual for obvious reasons, but again by reflecting on the positives I feel like it’s not been completely wasted. I am more enthusiastic about 2021, despite being in full lockdown again as I write this!